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Tracy Lost 10kg

"I did Drive's 6 week Nutrition Program and lost 8 kilos. Since then I have lost 2 more kilos. I followed the Nutrition Program, did 3 classes a week and walked on days I wasn't at Drive. When I was around 'bad foods' I just used to say to myself "I don't need that!" Now I just watch my portion sizes! If you are serious about losing fat... you should do this program! I feel great! " Tracy hadn't been to the gym before and when she first came to Drive she was worried about being able to keep up! She soon realised that she had nothing to worry about and all the classes cater for a variety of abilities and fitness levels! After such a short period of time Tracy has transformed her attitude to exercise. She looks forward to classes and if she is away from Drive for too long she gets withdrawals! ;) Tracy... you look strong and fit. Well done!

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Peter Lost 29kg

Peter had been one of our first Drive members but couldn't shift the weight! One week after the first photo was taken he started on one of our "6 week Nutrition Programs" and lost 12 kilos. By sticking to it he ended up losing a total of 29 kilos! By learning about the importance of a 'calorie deficit' and the types of food he should be eating, he is forever changed! Pete still does 3-4 classes a week and is now a keen marathon runner!


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